Aaaand I'm back. Well to be honest I'd never actually gone anywhere. I've completed -all- of the drafts for Chapter 3, scripted Chapter 4 and I'm half way through doing the first real printed book edits. So I've been enormously busy battling through burnout!

I just want to say a huge huge HUGE thank you to those of you who checked up on me from time to time, came back to see if the comic had updated or just kept in contact via other ways. The comic has been very much alive and being built over on my Patreon and without that support I would have had to have quit this years ago. So thank you for being a true lifeline and great friends during the worst times when Nova passed away.

Onwards with Engelbaum 🙂 I hope you've all been behaving yourselves and making some good art for yourselves.



PS) I'm still also in the process of putting updated old pages onto the site. You'll see Imagni's speech bubbles used to be purple at one point along with some other little differences. Just ignore it. I'm working on updating everything to be current, lol. It's nothing wildly story-changing.