End of Engelbaum Chapter 2!

Chapter 3 will be starting soon.

I'm having a short rest since I've not had any sort of holiday to fend off my own (very bad) burnout since I began making this comic on Patreon years ago, lol. Don't worry though, I'm SO EXCITED to start up again because Chapter 3 is pretty much all your questions directly answered about this universe, most of the first arcs main characters introduced and interacting with eachother. So much drama, so much D R A M A. I can't wait.

For now I'm going to go back and edit all my previous pages for printing and get this show on the road properly! Engelbaum was always created as a print comic firstly, rather than a webcomic. So look out for news on the shiny shiny graphic novels 🙂

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Thank you for reading! Stick around and see you all again very soon~ (Around a month to finalize Chapter 3's script)

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