NOTICE TO ALL WEBTOON SUBSCRIBERS: Today due to me deleting my Facebook I've had to recreate my entire account on Webtoon in order to continue my comic. Facebook does this thing where it will lock you out of certain websites forever if you signed up with it as login in instead of a password when you created your account. Spotify does this too unfortunately. You can't make a password when you've never had one. 
Therefore I'm gonna need all the help I can get rebuilding my subscriber count and views. I'd just broken 1.3k subscribers over there and had nearly 44 thousand views. It's a huge pain in the ass having to restart the uploads from scratch but in the long run it's probably going to work out better. Back when i started Webtoon I uploaded my first chapter in a really dumb way and the labelling was messed up. So at least I can fix it a second time around, lol. Plus my buffer is gonna be huge over there now. You can choose to reread the entire comic page by page for fun along with new readers, or just stick here with the current chapter page until the Webtoon one catches up. Or you can subscribe on Tapas, which fortunately didn't make me start my entire damn account from scratch. I'm not going to drag out the buffer reupload too much. Probably do 5 pages a day. That's going to get me a lot of new readers too.

So sorry about this, I know it's really irritating. But at the same time I'm just GLAD to get off Facebook and have no other website logins whatsoever tied to it now. Folks, be really careful about that. Always keep passwords. Don't tie important accounts to social media. In the future you'll lose access to them.

Anyway! If you click here (or on the mirror link on the left there) you'll be taken to the new account where you need to resubscribe. Do me a favour and boost me with page likes and ratings please. I need to regrow everything ASAP! 🙂

Many thanks for all your support, I hope you'll continue to read my comic.




5th April 2018/
– Fixed all menu/catagory link pages that went to dead pages.
– Updated the Community>Special Thanks section with more Patrons and banners.
– Added a Picarto streaming link under the Community tab for non private streams. (Channel will appear private until then)
– Added Argand head reference to OFFICIAL ART section.
– Added a new MUSIC PLAYLIST section under GOODIES for my comic Spotify playlists that inspire me when I work on the comic. – edit need to refix this again thanks to Spotify.