A rude awakening. At least she's in her own bed though, lol…. (I think).

You may have noticed I've changed her bubble color outline from purple to blue. It's because I'd intended to have re-edited the entirety of chapter 1&2 to reflect a bunch of small cosmetic changes before I started uploading chapter 3. But alas time crept up on me. I'll be going back to edit bits (fonts and stuff) for print as I go. So please just ignore any weird random color changes as I make my way through the backlog of edits. Imagni has Cyan, Pi has Magenta, Gala has Yellow and so on. This is something I'd meant to fix years ago, so just roll with it. I'm keeping proper stylesheets now for my own reference. I want everything to be as good as it can for print. 

Thank you for all the love and support this month, it's really truly blown me away for so many reasons. My household has been vaccinated now so at least things are a slight bit less terrifying. Which is always good. I hope you're all staying as safe as you can out there. We live in weird times o__o but thankfully not forever. I can't wait to get back to doing comic conventions! I want to take Engelbaum books and prints to a con so badly this or next year depending on how things pan out.

I am mostly just looking forward to being able to go to the local cafe when it's raining and sit indoors to have a greasy fry-up breakfast, lol. Big dreams.