Hi everyone! Ok so it took me a while to figure out how to split my comic posts and news posts into two separate thing on this layout, but I finally done it! Now I can create dedicated news posts for the comic without them cluttering the main comic page. It's also a good way to quickly catch up on Engelbaum happenings at a glance without having to trawl through comic pages.

This will also serve as a website updates thread so you know when I've added or changed something with the website. I used to do this on my old website a lot and I kinda missed it, so consider this your first update 🙂

I recently got back into swing of website building things because I want to make this my main point of focus for the comic. I love the third party websites like Webtoon and Tapas because they introduce new readers quickly, and I dunno if I'm showing my age here but big sites like that lack a certain kind of immersive magic to them. It's all about pageviews and popularity rather than being a relaxing way to absorb a whole story. The community always feels very fleeting there? I love having all my buddies in one place. I mean I -will- in the near future reformat Engelbaum for easier mobile phone reading (larger text, broken down panels etc) because the future is digital whether we like it or not, but right now I'm focusing mainly on finishing up Chapter 2 and getting things in motion for Engelbaum to be a physical product. I do love my bookshelf afterall~

This year while also pitching, I'm planning on taking a 1 or 2 month hiatus on the actual art for chapter 3 to rest my hands a bit as I have bad RSI flareups from overworking that I need to heal. But in that time I'll be writing up a storm! I need to start being more serious with writing scripts to draw to rather than working in small batches of draft pages and winging it. So I want Engelbaum to feel more organized on paper rather than always just being something I dip into in my head. Plus it means that my Patreons will be able to read miles ahead and not have to wait for my slow ass to catch up with the fancy artwork XD; I'm thinking of getting in a couple of guest artists to do fun little filler comics while I rest so you can see more of our community (AND HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM). So if all that happens as I hope I'll be back to do Chapter 3 at full speed and health. Don't worry, this comic is my life's work, I'm not running off anywhere, lol.

I'm currently drawing a bunch of new pages for the month and will have more pages online before the 31st, so sit tight and enjoy the rest of Chapter 2.

Thank you for visiting the site and reading my work, it means the world to me.


See you next update!