Added Today:

34 pieces of artwork in the general art section. These are taken from the $2+ Patreon monthly emails. They come with story development and spoilers, so if you're into that kinda stuff you should join up to my Patreon 🙂

– I'm in the process of building a new web store for Engelbaum merch! Redbubble was nice but I prefer a more hands on approach so I know what's being sent out is of acceptable quality. Plus I just like the personal touches like being able to sign my prints and stuff. Right now I'm only at the setting up stage, Storenvy is a different kind of beast so I'm getting used to it while making plans on paper of new designs and products I'm going to make to sell. These include things like prints, pins, zines, stickers and a whole bunch of things I need to self fund before being able to list them. Any time I make a new product to sell I'll be shouting about it here on the website, don't worry! In the mean time you can visit the store and follow me: