– Added 2 pieces of art to the sketches section (I'll be pestering DiGi to draw more!!)


– Also just wanted to say that you may have noticed there's a wordpress bug that sometimes stops people (and myself) replying to comic page comments with a 'Null' text in the reply box. It's been like this for a while and reading up on it seems to be something that may have been fixed in later versions. That means redoing a lot of things around the site and I've heard that one of the latest Comicpress versions is a bit wonky and broken. Sooo I'm not 100% sure about how I'll get around that yet, fix the comments section or break my entire website *lol*. I'll figure out something eventually. But in the meantime know that I appreciate every single comment you do send my way even if it doesn't show up XD; I try to reply to everyone but sometimes it bugs out. I've found that sometimes if you get the Null error and then click on a menu item on the left to take you to another page, then return to the page you wanted to comment on, it gets rid of the bug, but not all the time. So maybe try that as a workaround until I hit it with spanners.

Thank you for everything 🙂