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15/11/16: Engelbaum on RedBubble


We've opened our official store on RedBubble today selling all sorts of clothing and colorful printed Engelbaum goods! RedBubble has really great quality compared to other companies I've used in the past so please give it a look and be sure to check back regularly for new designs and products :)  

15/6/16: DA Galleries now closed

Just an update to say that I shut down both my DeviantArt accounts today and cleared them of all artwork permanently. This is so I can keep all my old artwork in one place – here! I was uploading to to many places and it was becoming a distraction having to deal with different branches of the community doing things in different places. So for me personally I've left DA, but the Engelbaum group there will remain open for fans to post their work to. I'm going to make a huge archive of my work over here and include as much of my old work as possible for anyone who likes nostalgia. I'll also be continuing to upload new pages of Engelbaum in the main places. But I really want to start being more active with this website as a port of call for readers. There will be more content and updates from now on since it will be the main (non social media) place I'll be uploading art to.
Thanks for the support on DA over the years! It's crazy to see how far our little comic has come.

27/5/16: Off to London MCM Comic Con

I'll be in the comic village all weekend at table CC8/9 selling issues of Project Autumn, Far From Faith and new prints, including 2 Engelbaum prints. This means the next upload page will be in the coming week because right now is mayhem but rest assured page 46 is underway. See you soon!


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