Name: Imagni  Signature: Creator Zero

Species: Creator

Group: G2

Age: 6th of 8 projects

Exhibited: 8th (last to arrive at The Folio)

Draftline: Cyan

Height: 7ft 2inches

Home: Universe 6, (unnamed)

Current Location: The Core

Specialty/style: Undefined

Likes: Cupcakes, exploring, bright colours, glitter, stars, rainbows, tea, small shrubs and gardening.

Dislikes: Screwing up, being ignored, migraines, fire, pressure, responsibility, feeling not good enough.

Current Bio: Imagni is our main character of Engelbaum. Spectramis' sixth Creator project within her Folio system. 
As a new artist Imagni likes to make things that directly reflect her emotions. Earnest, friendly and usually upbeat she devotes her time to details and beauty, recognizing each of her pieces as an individual. Initially shy and a little fearful, Imagni is a warm and gentle being full of love for her creations and the work of others. Creator Zero hasn't found her personal style yet and can be a little anxious but she's trying her best at all times! 
Imagni is a slow Creator and it takes her longer than her peers to finish concepts through to final, but she makes up for it with sheer enthusiasm and sense of humor. New to The Core she wants to learn everything she can to impress her mentor, develop her talents and help her friends.


Passive Flow– Fleck & Plume (ink butterflies) 
Active Overflow- (giant space skeleton)



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