Name: Rodela Signature: Creator Pi

Species: Creator

Group: G2

Age: 8th of 8 projects

Exhibited: 7th 

Draftline: Magenta

Height: 5ft

Home: ??? (Universe 8) 

Current Location: The Core

Specialty: ???

Likes: Being the center of attention. Talking bigger than she is. Being in control of everything/one around her. Being the newest Creator. Causing mischief and chaos. Sex, lots of sex.

Dislikes: Unusti. Being upstaged by anyone. Being talked down to or belittled. Being ignored. Being nagged. Critique. Rules. Boring lectures. Drawing realism. Dealing with serious issues. Being alone. Unusti.

Bio: Flamboyant, wicked, spontaneous, loud and excessively competitive. Creator Pi is the most recent of Spectramis' projects. What she lacks in height she makes up for with extreme presence and energy. Rodela prefers to be called by her signature name- Pi, and hates it when Meio Dia insists on using her first name to scold her. Scolding in general is a no-go for Pi unless she's the one shouting orders. Pi has a deep seated rivalry with the Core's prodigy, Creator Taijitu. Everything Unusti does, Pi tries her hardest to do better, though it never quite goes to plan. 

Not always in control of her Flow or her emotions, Pi is easily distracted and lacks focus to get her work done… unless she feels her talent is being challenged.

Easily frustrated with no patience at all, Rodela wants the entire Folio to worship her as the cutting edge artistic giant she knows she is. 



Passive Flow– Spaghetti (mini neon octobeast) 

Active Overflow- (Giant Spaghetti!)