Name: Gala Signature: Creator Infinity


Species: Creator

Group: G2

Age: 7th of 8 projects

Exhibited: 6th 

Draftline: Yellow

Height: 6ft 1inch

Home: ??? (Universe 7) 

Current Location: The Core

Specialty: ???

Likes: Solitude. Peace and quiet to create. Avoiding drama. Thinking over speaking, creating over time wasting. Movement, dance and physical expression. Spending time with her creations. Nature. Repurposing and collecting broken things to give new life.

Dislikes: Fuss. Arguments. Being told what to do by anyone. Trusting others. Egos. Cold places. Sweet foods. Group projects. The Core. Talking. Showing her face. Conflict. Being distracted by others. Homework when she has her own ideas to work on instead. Pi's rudeness. Imagni's constant optimism. Unusti's bickering with Pi…. other Creators in general. Meio Dia is nice though.

Bio: Shy, fast, graceful and mysterious, Creator Infinity is not a fan of attending classes at The Core. Unlike the other Creators she was quite enjoying her own company before being dragged off to start working with other people. Gala gets the most joy from her universe and watches over it diligently, letting nothing go to waste or be without purpose. Gala feels anxious being away from her work, caring more about her art than other people. A surrealist who speaks only in visual scrawltalk, Gala is often misunderstood by others who see her quiet nature as unfriendliness. She will always put space between herself and others, the only Creator she finds interesting to follow is Meio Dia. Meio Dia being musical and Gala loving dance. Sounds over words without being judged. 

What kind of Creator is Gala behind her mask and barriers?    



Passive Flow– Impasto (Sunflower petals) 

Active Overflow- (???)