“Art is everything, dreams are dying and reality is erasing creativity. Humans standing side by side with their inner selves must fight to protect their identity and freedom of expression. Gen versus Numeratti. Creator versus Controller.
Do you have what it takes to turn the greatest mistake of all time into a perfect masterpiece worth saving?
Join Imagni on her epic journey through the multiverse of The Folio to attempt the impossible.”


~WARNING: The following contains story spoilers but it's here for people interested in what lies ahead~

In an mysterious space called The Folio a group of six powerful artists are tasked with designing their own personal universes daily. Literal world building on a massive scale. These artists are called 'The Creators'. As tiny humans we'd describe them as gods – but they only see themselves as creatives trying to serve their own creator, Spectramis. 

There are two generations of Creators, G1 and G2

G1- The established classics and masters, stern and refined.
G2- A rookie group of new art 'students' trying to find their style and place in The Folio.

With a new era of artists comes conflict and controversy. Modern versus Classic. All Creators aspire to create the perfect Masterpiece. A perfect universe they can feel satisfied with. But as any artist can tell you, that's almost an impossibility.

The Folio is a beautiful but dangerous place to be. At the end of every full creation cycle, something deep below awakens to feed upon what the Creators have provided. A delicate balance of creation and destruction. The Collectors and Creators work in unison. Well, that was the original plan…

One of the new G2 Creators, Imagni, isn't particularly good at her job by Creator standards. Struggling to find her strengths and voice as an artist, Imagni's concepts are often weak and left unfinished. After meeting her talented peers, Imagni begins to feel very conflicted. Frustrated with her shortcomings, she throws a major tantrum in which she unintentionally creates a secondary smaller universe within her own. It's in this other secret universe that she blasts out hundreds of billions of galaxies, solar systems and our little planet – Earth.


Things are nice for a while, Imagni feels occupied with her new hidden project that she can work on without pressure. Back at The Core where all the artists converge things are beginning to feel a lot more positive. Bonds are made and inspirations are passed around.


It wasn't going to last long. One drunken night and some bad life choices later, Imagni's universe is thrown into chaos as she accidentally creates Humanity – self evolving, reproductive life – with the capacity to be creative… just like the Creators. 


Rule number 1: Never create another Creator.


As a potential threat to Spectramis' system this mistake ends in Imagni being grounded to her own half of her universe, quarantined from her friends and the Humans. Meanwhile Pendula: Controller 1 is brought in to audit Imagni's mess and make sure that Humans don't get too big for their boots. Pendula likes his job a little too much. Nothing makes him happier than ruining Imagni's fun.


Humans have the potential to do amazing things. One of those abilities begins to make itself known as Humans start to tune into Imagni's world every time they sleep at night. When a Human dreams they create their own temporary experiences and worlds inside dream bubbles. These bubbles have started to fill up Imagni's world and cause problems. Pendula, with his Numeratti team are sent in to utilise the bubbles and keep everyone subdued. Using nightmares and the Human's fears against them negativity feeds over into the waking world. Now at the mercy of the Numeratti and Controller Pendula, Humanity once again adapts to survive.


A way to fight back.

Gens are our own unpredictable subconscious selves personified into another being. Gens are like having a tag team partner who supports you in the dream-world when you sleep and then gives you strength in the waking word when you have to deal with life. Every Gen is based on a colour of the rainbow and is a very personal thing to each human dreamer. 

Engelbaum is a story about how and why the Gens were created – then how they live their lives protecting their own world and dreamers from becoming jaded by the oppressive Numeratti.

Will you fall in line under Pendula's rule… or fight for your creativity and dreams?