So you love reading this comic and want to help out? Here's a list of ways you can directly help the comic continue to grow:


1. Above all else WORD OF MOUTH is the number one way to help Engelbaum reach new readers. If you like the comic TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Share it with them. Talk about your favorite characters. Get your friends involved in your RP. Recommend the comic to people you think would enjoy it. When it comes to webcomics word of mouth is hugely more effective than spending money on advertising. Existing readers are going to be our best bet in convincing new people to start reading. So tell a friend you enjoy Engelbaum.


2. The second biggest help is PATREON.

By subscribing to the Engelbaum Patreon page you directly help fund the creation of the comic. Without Patreon this comic would not exist currently. Making Engelbaum is my full time job and Patrons are buying me my creative time back right now to be free to work on my own project. Patreon pledges put food on the table, pay my household bills each month, keep my internet turned on, pay for art equipment to create the comic and give me peace of mind to write my story the way I always wanted to. Currently I am below the living wage goal and just scraping by, but I'm determined to make this project work and give everyone my best work. I will not quit. The more readers who sign up to support Engelbaum- the easier making the comic becomes for me. I know Engelbaum is worth it, so I'm willing to live on the edge until it gets to where it needs to be. In the long run if my Patreon becomes stronger I would be able to do things like pay team members to help me with art tasks, thus making quicker pages. You can pledge for as little as $1 per creation, EVERYTHING no matter how little is a HUGE direct help to the comic. So if you'd like to support us and get some badass rewards in return then please check out the page:


3. Another direct funding support option you can use is Ko-Fi!

This is a basic tip jar service where you can buy me a one-off "coffee". And to be fair a lot of the time the tips do go towards actual coffee, lol. Caffeine is pretty vital to late nights drawing. The difference between Ko-Fi and Patreon is that Patreon is a monthly subscription and Ko-Fi is a one time thing that you can do whenever you want. My Patreon has rewards/incentives if you're really into seeing the comic be made- and Ko-Fi is a basic no strings way of throwing money at the comic production with no fuss. Both ways are a huge help and I'd appreciate any help I can get. You can visit my Ko-Fi page here:


4. SHARING IS CARING. If you see me post Engelbaum related stuff on social media- please do me the HUGEST favor and hit retweet or share. Likes are good but shares help things be seen by potential new readers. It goes back to the word of mouth rule, friends like recommendations from friends. Social media algorithms have been the downfall of a lot of creative people lately, it's difficult to have our work seen when site coding is against us deciding what gets seen and what doesn't. So taking 1 second to hit a share button really helps swing things in our favor. I'm not exaggerating when I say that social media shares are important. On twitter lately the thing that gets posts seen more is comments. So adding a comment to an Engelbaum post I make will really help it beat the algorithm.


5. HASHTAG. When talking about Engelbaum on social media, be it Twitter, Facebook, Insta etc – use the #Engelbaum hashtag. Not only does this help others discover the comic but it helps ME find things like fanart I'm not tagged in. It helps build community and community is lovely.


6. On the subject of fanart- I'm working on a better way for you to submit fan works so hold tight for now. 


7. Subscribe on Tapas and Webtoon (for free). I mirror the comic on two of the biggest third party comic reader websites online. Both of them are great ways of gaining new readers but they require a lot of action from users to become useful overall. With Tapas the best way you can help is to subscribe, comment on pages and hit the heart button on every page I upload. This will help bump it up the front page rankings which in turn puts the comic in front of thousands of people. With Webtoon subscribing and clicking the heart button on each page gives it a better chance of being featured (I think…). On both websites page views are massively important too. Any comic that looks like it's getting a lot of attention will be given more of a spotlight. So please add the comic to your reader lists and help bump it each upload.
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8. VOTE FOR US ON TOPWEBCOMICS (TWC). By just a few clicks you can vote on the main internet webcomic rankings and help push Engelbaum up the board. It can be done daily, once in 24 hours. Also it links to a lot of great webcomics you should check out and support. Webcomics are wonderful so please give them your love and time. Vote here: [ TWC ]


9. Buying things from our online store (which I need to finalise) XD; (Sorry there have been a lot of really untrustworthy PoD companies out there lately.) I want to give you guys the best stuff.


10. Let me know what you think. Something that may seem small to you is leaving comments online, but to me knowing people read and enjoy my work is a huge deal that motivates me to work better and happier. A tiny comment can sometimes brighten up my entire day, so please don't be shy if you're a lurker here. I appreciate you paying attention to my work so much. Some days can be bad and I'll feel like my work has no purpose because of other things going on in my life, but when I see people caring, it reminds me of how much I really care too. That goes for all webcomics really. If you care about something let the creators know. Be kind though XD; I'm human and make mistakes like everyone else.

11. Save the banner below and link to us
from your own website or blog. Please point the url to 


That's everything I can think of off the top of my head right now, but when I think of new ways you can help us out I'll add them to this list for reference 🙂 Thank you so much for caring about the comic.