Name: Argand Signature: Creator Arx


Species: Creator

Group: G1

Age: 3rd of 8 projects

Exhibited: 3rd

Draftline: Red

Height: 9ft 9inches

Home: Doric (Universe 3)

Current Location: The Core

Job: Core architect and defense

Specialty: Architecture, building, planning and combat

Likes: Living in the past. Cherishing her memories of the Folio's early days. Preserving objects and feelings that mean a lot to her. Heavy physical art activities. Manual labor and the toils of a hard cycles work. Making tiny elaborate models of her building plans to relax. Painting ceilings. Working out. Long intellectual conversations. Her purpose as a Creator. Things of great beauty. Grapes and warm baths.

Dislikes: Meio Dia. Noise. G2 Creators. Anyone that disregards her emotions. Collectors. Art thieves. Feeling like the only serious person left in a bad situation. Being told to move on. Meio Dia's lectures. Having her personal space invaded. Feeling weak and alone in a place that no longer respects her.


Bio: A proud and nostalgic warrior, Argand is the most senior member of G1. Despite being the oldest remaining work in the Folio she was not chosen by Spectramis to be in charge. Instead she is forced to work under the supervision of a newer Creator, Meio Dia. Argand and Meio Dia do not see eye to eye and have very different perspectives on the Folio's past. Whereas Meio Dia is progressive in her approach, Argand refuses to budge in her beliefs. The G1 pair have a very troubled past that only seems to get worse when the G2 Creators intervene. Mysterious, bad tempered and never one to back down, Argand holds a lot of secrets, a lot of pain and a lot of grudges.

Creator Arx's universe Doric is the closest to The Void at the bottom of The Folio. Because of that she spends a lot of time in her own universe creating to keep the Collectors placated. Due to her increasingly burnt out state however she has been known to attack the Collectors to drive them off quicker. Argand uses two large compasses as weapons, which she dual wields in battle. 


Passive Flow- ???

Active Overflow- ???